1.     Represent clients before courts, arbitral tribunal, administrative entities with legal specialties, administrative and criminal inquiries, police authorities, and taxes and fees administrations. Provide consultations, constitutional, legal, and administrative resolutions for individuals, institutions, banks, public corporations, and governmental entities.

2.     Represent legislative, executive, and judicial institutions before governmental and judicial entities inside Iraq and abroad.

3.     Respond to requests related to legal consultation/opinion throughout drafting relevant legal memorandums in any foreign language.

4.     Draft contracts and regulations, and follow through on publicity, documentation, and implementation legal and administrative oversight, and defend on its behalf before courts and arbitral tribunal.

5.     Draft investment contracts and provide legal consultation regarding legislations relevant to the economy, finance, and business people. And, prepare legislations relevant to privatizing service and industrial sectors in Iraq.

6.     Follow through on cases before tax administrations, banks, customs department, and provide consultations and expert services.

7.     Management of labor contracts, follow through on employment cases, residency for foreigners and citizens before the courts and relevant government agencies, and provide legal consultation regarding legislations related to government employment, civil service laws, civil servant discipline, labor and social security laws.   

8.      Reform and modernize legislative, judicial, and administrative regulations, and computerize the legislative, judicial, and administrative functions.

9.      Provide constitutional consultations to public and private institutions and file law suits before the Supreme Federal court.

10.                        Legal publicity, gathering, indexing, classification of judgments, and provide legal consultation to the various media outlets.

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